Plot Summary

Life is beautiful is a romantic war movie. It is about a man named Guido, who works in his uncle Leo’s hotel and meets a lady by the name of Dora. After meeting each other numerous times, Dora and Guido eventually fall in love after Dora runs from the man who she was being forced to marry.

They have a child named Giosue (Joshua) but one day their fairy tale life comes to an end when Giosue and Guido are taken away by the Nazis to be taken to a concentration camp. Dora gets to the train just in time to get on and go with them showing a great amount of courage not knowing were they were going.

Guido doesn’t want his six year old to be scared by the war so he tells him that it is a game. He say’s that when the game is over (the war) who ever gets the most points will win a tank. Giosue goes on believing this. At the end of the war Guido went looking for Dora but was unsucessful, instead he gets caught by a nazi and taken away and is shot. But the game has not ended for Giosue, who came out from hiding when everyone had left the camp. A tank came rolling toward him and he thought that he and his dad had won. The driver of the tank lifted him up and took him for a ride before he saw his mother and was reunited once more.


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